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Which cream is right for me

So I have some pretty dark spots on my nose and chin will this fade the spots forever, or is this a continual formula? Also can I use this for anal bleaching?


  • Because your nose and chin are constantly exposed to sunlight, the dark spots will keep coming back. Unfortunately I don't know of anything (lasers or chemical peels included) that will fade the spots forever. Keeping sunblock on, wearing hats or avoiding the sun will help. The cream will help fade the spots as the sun brings them to the surface.
    The cream can be used for anal bleaching and the good thing about that area, is that it is rarely exposed to the sun (unless nude sunbathing or tanning beds), so once the area is faded to your desired shade, it will stay that way. The only other thing besides sun that effects pigment, is hormones. So for example, if you got pregnant, the anal and vaginal area could become darker in color along with the nipples.
    Birth control also effects hormones so occasionally it can also effect the color of the anus skin.
    Glad to hear you are considering My Pink Wink Cream.
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