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Which cream is right for me

Hi there, this work on acne scars/dark spots as well as nipple/private part area? Which one in case?


  • Thank you for your interest in our products. I apologize for the delay in response. I thought I responded to your message last week. The My Pink Wink Cream does work on scaring, nipple and private areas. What private areas exactly are you referring to so I can give you more details?
  • I have dark acne scars, also I want my nipple, anal area to lighten... There are many options bleach babe, nipple, anal...etc. which one will do all the job?
  • There are different label options for someone who is using the cream on different areas of the body. This is to prevent cross contamination if you are using it on any of the more intimate areas and another area of the body. Also in case you don't want the jar to say anal bleaching. The cream is the same cream no matter what label you choose. If you plan on using the cream on that many areas I suggest getting at least a few jars because just one .5 oz jar spread between so many areas may not give you the starting results you want.
  • Makes sense :) . I just purchased the advanced formula .5oz... I will use it first on dark acne scars and see how it goes. I can't wait to try the product, if it works well i will definitely order again and use it on other parts of my body
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