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Sugaring tips

I just wanted to say I love your product . I was so surprised how it actually got my hair off my leg the first try but then it got super sticky so I threw away the gloves that came with it cause I used them but then when I used my own gloves that I had from work they ripped . I tried using my bare hands without gloves but the wax wouldn't come off my leg . do you sell more gloves on your website ?


  • That is so nice to hear that you love the product! Can you tell me what website you purchased the sugar off of? We actually just decided to start selling the gloves. We sell 2 pairs for .99, 5 pairs for $1.99, or 10 pairs for $3.50. Also shipping would be first class for $2.63. We should have the gloves posted for sale on the web site very soon but I can always send you an invoice through paypal if you want more gloves now. The other gloves you tried were probably a little to thin. The tighter and thicker the glove the better. I can also email you some tips and tricks to sugaring to help if you would like?
  • I got it off amazon . that's great to hear what website do you sell the gloves on ? I rinsed of the gloves that came with the sugar wax until all the wax came off do i can reuse those meanwhile I buy new ones lol yes can you please email me some tips I would really appreciate that
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