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Ingrown hairs

I recently purchased the medium sugar from you. I've had issues with ingrowns even with exfoliating and using Crushed aspirin. I started making my own sugar at home then I got lazy and found you. I Thought by sugaring it would make my coarse curly hairs eventually get thinner. However each time I don't want to have to deal with the issue of ingrowns. What do u suggest?


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    The sugaring can cause the hair to come in thinner over time but sometimes it may not. When you pull the hair out when sugaring or waxing and there is a little blood dot where the hair follicle is then the follicle was slightly damaged in a good way where the hair will begin to break down a little more every time. I have seen clients hair over time not be affected in this way at all and then some clients where they can come in a lot less to have the sugaring done because they have a significantly less amount of hair and what hair is there is fine and thinner.
    When battling ingrown hairs, I find that finding a happy medium with exfoliating is best. To much exfoliation will cause ingrown hairs and not enough exfoliation will cause ingrown hairs. I suggest exfoliating every other day or every two days will give the best results. Waiting a few days after the latest sugaring is also a good idea because your skin is already so exfoliated from sugaring.
    Let me know if you have any questions and how everything is coming along for you.
  • I'll continue to exfoliate. I'm coming up on the second sugar session using your wax. I might also get the. Bleaching cream you have for hyperpigmentation as well. What's the time span on results?
  • It is a little different for everyone but there are people who have seen results in a few weeks up to 6 weeks. Once the area is the shade you want you can go from a daily application to 3-4 times a week to maintain the results. Also it is a good idea to take pictures to track your progress
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