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Which sugar is right for me

I think I would like to try your sugaring product but had a couple of questions. I should probably ask first whether you ship to Ontario, Canada or have a Canadian distributor? Secondly, what how do I decide what firmness I would need?


  • We do ship to Canada. The customs part of shipping can hold up the package for up to 30 days after it get there but it should make it through with no problems. The firmness would depend on what areas you are sugaring. Let me know what areas you plan on sugaring and I will give you advice on choosing a type of sugar.
  • I was planning on sugaring my underarms mainly. I might even be interested in sugaring for upper lip if it is good for that.
  • Since underarms tend to be warm in temperature, you will want to use a firmer sugar. Upper lip hair tends to be finer in texture, so a softer sugar is recommended. To get one jar that will work fairly well on both areas, get Medium. When doing the underarms, don't heat it up first because your body heat will warm it up for you. If it's too tough to get out of the jar without any warning, try just ten seconds on the microwave. That should soften it up just enough to easily grab a ball out but not too much that it's too soft to work with.
  • Thank you. I will go to see now how much it will cost.
  • It is $19.99 per jar plus shipping. We send it priority so it gets there faster and usually clears customs quicker too.
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