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Which sugar is right for me

I found your youtube tutorial and cannot wait to trying sugaring on my own! However, I have no idea what type of wax would be best for me. My pubic hair is soft and fine. I ordered medium-soft, but please send whatever wax you think would be best to you. I trust your judgment. I probably should have waited and communicated with you first, I guess I was just SO excited to try this out.


  • I will change the order to Medium-Firm because it will still get the softer/finer hairs but be a little easier to learn with. When doing the pubic hair, try it first without heating at all so it doesn't melt as quickly. If it's really hard to get a piece of sugar from the jar, then go ahead and heat it for 10 seconds in the microwave.
    As you begin working with it (since it will still be pretty firm), go slowly over your skin and wait for it to sort of melt onto your skin without adding much pressure. After using the same piece on about 3 different sections, it should be the perfect consistency (now that it has warmed up from your body heat) and be a little easier to work with. Once it starts to get too melted, you could either add in some cold sugar and keep going, or get a fresh ball of sugar and start again by going slow to at first so it doesn't tug on your hairs and it gives it time to soften up a bit from your body heat.
    Be patient with yourself. It can be a little awkward when you are first learning it but after a few times, you should begin to feel natural with it. (similar to riding a bike---or learning any new skill).
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