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Does My Pink Wink work on elbows?

Hi, I was just wondering how successful this has been with dark elbows? That's something I'm currently struggling with. Also, the areas that your product does lighten, is this lightening permanent or does it need to be maintained?


  • This product is quite successful with dark elbows. The lightening is permanent, though maintenance is at your own discretion if you feel you want to achieve a higher level of lightness in that area.
  • Ok great, thanks. Also, how long until most people see noticeable lightening? Do you feel 0.5oz would be enough for two elbows?
  • It can take anywhere from 2-12 weeks depending on how dark they are, and the lightness you are looking to achieve. 0.5 is a great start, you may end up needing more. I would recommend if you are going to do the 0.5 to buy the advanced formula. It works faster and is 3x stronger than the regular.
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