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Stretch marks

I was wondering if you have any products for stretch marks or any recommendations.


  • If the stretchmarks have a brown color to them, the My Pink Wink Cream can help fade that color.
    Another little combo treatment that I found has worked well is micro needle therapy and LED treatments.
    If you google around a bit you can find some more information on these treatments. Used together, they work great.
    While you are doing the micro needle therapy, which you can do with a dermapen or skin rollers, you can apply some Vitamin E which will really help stimulate the healing.
    I would suggest doing the micro needle therapy every week for the first 4 sessions. Then space it out every two weeks until they are gone. You can use the LED after each session. Using the LED more often will help speed things up too. If you can get in a routine of doing it every night maybe while you are watching your favorite program on TV or something, it will really help speed up the healing process.
    There are lasers and other expensive things that doctors offer but if you are diligent you should get just as good of results with this at home treatment.
  • I just found this tool on Amazon that combines both together.

    Something like this is what I would recommend for scars.
    And then, if you use a product on the skin while doing this, it will push the ingredients deep into the skin. That is why a Vitamin E is good. An aloe vera is good. What I have done at home is use a knife to pop open a Vitamin E pill and squish out the oil onto my stretch marks before doing the micro needling and LED treatments.
  • Thank you, Grace. You have done so much more than what was asked. I will keep you posted on the results.
  • Your welcome. Hope to hear from you again...
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