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Which cream is right for me

Hello. I was wondering if you could tell me the difference between the Lightning creams.


  • edited May 2016
    The two different creams are the Regular formula which was our Original one that we have been selling for over a decade. Then a couple years ago, we decided to offer a stronger formula which is the Advanced Formula. This one has 3 times more concentration of the peptides (which is the active ingredient in our cream to fade the skin).
    As far as the various creams for the various body areas....the formula is the same but we label the jar differently so you can keep track of which one is for your face, which one for your elbows, and which one for your 'pink wink.' If you are using the cream on multiple areas, you can also choose to purchase a larger sized jar instead of multiple smaller jars, which is purely your decision. Some of our customers prefer to have different jars for different areas, and others don't mind having the same jar. Does this answer your question?
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