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Which cream is right for me

I've recently noticed some pigment changes, bumps and moles on the area of my nipples.
Since it's private area, I am very skeptical about using product on my skin. I've had acne for long time but it has finally cleared up.
This is my first time using or searching for this type of product which is not so pleasant. I just want to get rid of the pigment changes.

Please help me with some more detailed information and the return police.
I am willing to take my before and after picture to see the results.


  • This product will work to fade the scars from the acne. It will not fade moles (as far as I know). It does fade the skin of the nipple.
    Before and after pictures really help since the product works gradually, you are able to compare month to month the differences and see how it is really working.
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