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Does the My Pink Wink really work?

Hello does this really work in certain areas of the body?


  • Thank you for your intrest in our My Pink Wink Cream! Yes it really does work on any area of the body! The cream is strong enough to work on tough skin like scabs and stretch marks but gentle enough that it won't cause any harm to the skin.
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    Let me know if you have any other questions.
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    Would it lighten the private areas as well? Which one would bleach or lighten the vagina area? And nipples too?

  • Yes the cream will lighten the vagina area and nipples. There are two different creams, the regular formula and the advanced formula. The advanced formula is three times stronger. You can use the same jar on both areas but you can also purchase a my pink wink cream and a nipple cream separately. It is the same cream but the different labels will help you not cross contaminate the cream.
  • Ok thanks I'll probably order the advance cream hopefully it works. For the private area do I get the advanced bleach babe or the pink wink?
  • You can get either one. We have the two different label options for privacy and personal preference again. They are the same creams in the end. I am excited for you to try it!
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